Former Aryzta chief receives severance payout of €1.7m

Kevin Toland, who also has shares worth around €650,000, was one of a number of top executives to depart the beleaguered baked goods company,

Kevin Toland (right), former chief executive of Aryzta, with former chairman Gary McGann. PIcture: Fergal Phillips

Kevin Toland, the former chief executive of Aryzta, the baked goods company, received a severance payout of €1.7 million in 2021 as part of a package of €2.7 million.

Toland stepped down as chief executive in November 2020 as part of a major shake-up of management at the embattled company.

His total pay package in his final year was made up of €738,000 in basic pay, pension and other benefits of more than €180,000, and ...