Financial sector ‘on the frontline’ in response to war in Ukraine, says City of London mayor

Vincent Keaveny, the first ever Irishman to hold the office, was responding to criticism at delay in implementing sanctions after the Russian invasion

Vincent Keaveny, lord mayor of the City of London with its policy chairwoman Catherine McGuinness: ‘The financial services sector is the weapon that’s being mobilised primarily by the West in response to the invasion of Ukraine.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

The lord mayor of the City of London has defended the role of the financial services sector in handling Russian money and said the industry would be on the “frontline” of implementing western sanctions against Russia.

Vincent Keaveny, who grew up in Dublin and is now the 693rd mayor of the British capital’s financial district, said there were robust systems in place to prevent money laundering through financial services centres like London and Dublin, adding ...