Fewer GP surgeries will be able to offer vaccination to over-70s

Tánaiste says rollout to older people will be slower following recommendation that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, rather than AstraZeneca, should be used for this group

Leo Varadkar, the Tánaiste, signalled that the decision not to use the AstraZeneca vaccine for older people could change if studies indicated that it was safe to do so. Picture: Rollingnews.ie

GPs will still lead the vaccination of over-70s from the middle of this month but the number of surgeries offering the injections will be reduced, the government and the HSE have indicated.

The vaccination of older people is due to commence within the next fortnight, starting with those over 85. The AstraZeneca vaccine was due to form the centrepiece of this programme due to the fact that it is more plentiful and does not need ...