Electricity supply under threat due to delays in connected gas-powered generators

Gas Networks Ireland seeks emergency measures to meet projected increases in demand for electricity as developers of 16 new power generators are slow to sign contracts

Writing to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) at the beginning of June, Denis O’Sullivan, managing director of Gas Networks Ireland, said he was aware of the short and medium-term electricity supply crisis facing Ireland and the role the grid operator had to play in facilitating new gas power generators to make up the projected shortfall. Picture: Getty

Gas Networks Ireland has warned that without emergency measures, it may not be possible to connect up enough new gas-powered generators in time to meet projected increases in electricity demand.

The gas grid operator has revealed that the developers of numerous gas generators, who are expected to be providing power to the electricity grid in the coming years, are unable to sign gas connection contracts at this time, putting construction and delivery timelines into serious ...