Dublin house prices to soar by 25 per cent, council study finds

As well as sharp increases in property prices, rental prices are also predicted to surge by 2028, KPMG’s report for the local authority forecasts

KPMG’s report says that the median home price in Dublin will rise from €378,403 to €476,760 between now and 2018. Picture: Getty

Residential property prices in central Dublin will soar by a quarter to a median €476,000 by 2028, a comprehensive analysis of the housing market for Dublin City Council has found.

The housing need and demand assessment (HNDA), compiled for the local authority by KPMG Future Analytics is a first-of-its-kind analysis of the capital’s housing market.

The analysis by the professional services firm’s research consultancy said the average price of a home will increase from €437,868 ...