Dublin Bus weighs up e-scooter and minivan services

Chief executive Ray Coyne says the company is considering new areas of diversification after a year of ‘decimation’

Ray Coyne, chief executive of Dublin Bus: ‘We want to look at the full public transport ecosystem. We want to lead the way for better mobility solutions for everyone. It's not just bus solutions. That means e-scooters and demand-responsive transport.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Dublin Bus is considering new ways to diversify its business through e-scooter and demand-responsive transport offerings, after its revenues took a significant hit in 2020.

The company would usually take in roughly €260 million in revenue, but it has forecast a total turnover of €110 million for last year. During the height of the pandemic-related restrictions between March and May, turnover at Dublin Bus was down 90 per cent, with monthly passenger numbers down from ...