Donohoe: ‘huge uncertainties around data’ for rental tax credit

Minister for Finance warns that new €500 tax credit was costed based on an estimated number of eligible renters and not specific data

Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Finance: ‘Given the acknowledged underestimate of the base figure and the need for caution given the huge uncertainties around the data, an estimate of 400,000 was deemed an appropriate figure to use to cost this measure’

Paschal Donohoe, the Minister for Finance, has said the state needs to exercise caution in the application of the rental tax credit due to “huge uncertainties around the data” used to calculate who is eligible for the payment of up to €500.

As part of Budget 2023, the government announced a new tax credit for renters which will give people currently letting who do not already receive state subsidies up to €500 a year.

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