Domino’s Irish franchise pays €8m dividend as profits jump 17%

Shorecal Limited operates 27 Domino’s outlets around Ireland and increased turnover to €55 million despite ‘lower than expected’ trading activity

Shorecal operates nearly 30 Domino’s outlets in Ireland, and posted after-tax profits of €8.84m last year

Ireland’s largest Domino’s pizza franchisee paid its shareholders an €8 million dividend last year as its profits rose despite sales falling short of expectations.

Shorecal Limited, which is controlled by the Belfast-based Caldwell family and runs 27 Domino’s restaurants in Ireland, reported a 17 per cent rise in profits in the year ended December 27, 2020.

After tax, the firm posted profits of €8.84 million last year, up from €7.5 million in its previous fiscal ...