Desmond’s Covid-19 passport app gains 1.5 million users

VeriFly, an app produced by Dermot Desmond’s biometrics company, checks Covid-19 vaccination certs and tests

Tom Grissen, chief executive of Daon: “Travellers and event attendees around the world have turned to VeriFLY to assist in their life journeys as we begin to see a return to normality”

Daon, a biometrics company owned by billionaire financier Dermot Desmond, now has 1.5 million users of its Covid-19 passport app, the company said.

The app, called VeriFLY, provides a way for businesses and organisations including airlines, hospitality groups and sports bodies to vet Covid-19 vaccination certs and test verification details.

It is facilitating tens of thousands of Covid-19 test and vaccine verification checks each day, according to the company.

“Travellers and event attendees around the ...