DAA hits back at Ryanair: ‘We are running a large transatlantic hub airport, not a county fair’

Ryanair said the DAA’s recent claim that it needs a price increase to fix staffing shortages in its security operation are “false”

Kenny Jacobs, DAA chief executive, has faced criticisms form Ryanair on a number of issues in recent months. Picture: Conor McCabe

Daa, the operator of Dublin Airport, has reacted angrily to suggestions from Ryanair that it release land for temporary car parks at the airport this summer.

Ryanair also called on “the Daa monopoly to stop gaming the regulatory system” in order to obtain more price increases at Dublin Airport.

“Daa refutes the simplistic view that we can simply open up fields at Dublin Airport this summer and conjure up additional car park spaces. Car parking ...