Jo’Burger founder Macken hits out at ex-partner’s ‘Frankenstein’ creation Crackbrgr

Jo’Burger and Crackbird founder Joe Macken says former partner John Roberts has used same menus, furniture and concept as in his much-praised former restaurants

CrackBrGr in Temple Bar: It has been described as an amalgamation of Jo’Burger and Crackbird. Picture: Arthur Carron

Restaurateur Joe Macken has accused his former business partner of trying to “Frankenstein” the creative concepts behind Jo’Burger and Crackbird.

Macken’s much-praised restaurants were a feature of Dublin in the 2010s until they went into sudden liquidation in 2018.

The group’s outlets Jo’Burger, Crackbird, Skinflint, Bar Guiseppe and Hey Donna had prime locations including Rathmines, Castle Market in the city centre, Smithfield, Temple Bar, South William Street and Dame Street.

Macken, who founded the Jo’Burger group in 2007, told the Business Post that he was “really surprised” to hear that John Roberts, a former director, had opened up a new restaurant called Crackbrgr.