Booste: ‘In Ireland we saw low barriers of entry and a fast-growing e-commerce market’

The Polish fintech start-up is expanding its revenue-based financing services here as well as in the UK and the Netherlands

Jakub Pietraszek, chief executive at Booste, left, and Michael Kacprzak, co-founder and chief product officer, are combining fintech with e-commerce for revenue-based financing

Booste, the Polish fintech start-up, recently closed a €12 million Series A funding round and announced that the capital would be devoted to expanding its services into Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands.

The Warsaw-based company is a recent entrant to the revenue-based financing (RBF) space. The premise of RBF is pretty straightforward: start-ups apply to financiers, who will then assess the start-up’s recent performance and offer them quick access to capital in return for ...