‘Blind eye’ can’t be turned to China’s treatment of Uighurs, rights group says

Human rights group Glan has warned there is a credible case that the Asian superpower is committing ‘genocide’

Ethnic Uighur women clash with Chinese riot police in China's far west Xinjiang province: human rights experts have warned that governments and businesses need to ‘reassess their relationship with Beijing’ until the poor treatment of Uighurs ends. Photo: Peter Parks/AFP via Getty

Businesses can “no longer turn a blind eye” to the treatment of Uighur Muslims in northwestern China, a human rights group has warned.

The Global Legal Action Network (Glan) made the comments following a legal opinion that described the treatment of the ethnic group in China as amounting to “crimes against humanity”.

Senior barristers at Essex Court Chambers in London accused the Chinese government of being involved in a “widespread and systemic attack” on the ...