Belfast medtech firm plans to raise €14 million

Axial3D aims to use 3D imaging to enable many more surgeries to take place every day, and is looking to double its staff in the next two years

Roger Johnston, chief executive of Axial3D: “We’re also looking to double the number of staff at our company over the next two years. Our challenge is scalability.”

Axial3D, a Belfast-based medical imaging company, plans to raise €14 million in the first quarter of 2022.

Founded in 2016, the firm creates 3D imaging for the medical sector using cloud-based software. It currently has 52 staff and has raised €8.2 million to date.

“We want to democratise the model for surgical planning to help the patient. There’s no point in me helping ten patients every month – the technology needs to be available to tens of thousands of patients every month around the world,” Roger Johnston, chief executive of Axial3D, told the Business Post.