The Big Interview

‘You are more than able for this role, and we want you to want this role’ – Gemma Freeman of Dentons

The insolvency lawyer has risen to the top of a male-dominated profession – and credits the strongly pro-female atmosphere at her firm, Dentons, for much of that

Gemma Freeman, counsel, Dentons: ‘People’s reputations are always on the line, be it professionally or personally, and I think you need to protect them and anticipate issues for them.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Gemma Freeman retreats into an office kitchen to make this journalist a coffee with milk before popping her head out to announce that she “can’t foam the milk” and is that okay. Despite it being very much okay, Freeman flashes a smile and turns on her heels while rattling off a list of possible coffee options.

As a leading dispute resolution and insolvency lawyer, she is by no means expected to be a barista, but ...