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Why George Santos, the Republicans’ latest clown, is likely to survive a season of pie-throwing

The US congressman has faced questions over his education, his qualifications, his employment, the source of his finances and the source of his income, yet is set to hold onto his seat in the House of Representatives

George Santos: claims that he was a drag queen are ironic, if not embarrassing, given his party’s cultural war on the LGBTQ community. Picture: Shutterstock

For weeks now, Americans have watched the tragicomic trajectory of George Santos, Capitol Hill’s latest “you couldn’t make this up” star, with appalled fascination. The revelations keep coming, one eclipsing the other in terms of improbability and farce.

Santos, the newly elected Republican house representative for New York’s third district and latest iteration of the Donald Trump brand of political salesmanship, has emerged as the GOP’s most committed fabulist to date. But for all its ...