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What it says in the papers

Carney set to stay on; breast cancer breakthrough?; Offaly airport plan

31st October, 2016
The main headlines from today's newspapers


- The Irish Times leads with the US presidential election, saying Hillary Clinton has gone on the offensive against FBI director James Comey in the aftermath of his announcement that the agency was looking into potential new e-mails from Mrs Clinton's private e-mail server, calling his decision to to send a letter about the issue to Congress "deeply troubling".

- The paper reports on a European Commission study which finds that organised crime in the Republic of Ireland has been worth at least £1.7 billion a year in recent years.

- The Irish Times says details of the investors behind plans for an international airport in County Offaly are likely to be revealed in the coming weeks. It says Midlands Airport Development wants to build an airport with a 3.4km runway, longer than the new one proposed for Dublin.


- The Financial Times leads with a report that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is ready to serve a full eight-year term, facing down pro-Brexit critics campaigning for him to resign ahead of time. The paper says Carney has told friends he is likely to make a statement on his future this week.

- In companies news, the FT says Japan's top insurers are studying new products to brace themselves for the age of self-driving vehicles, which may redefine insurance premiums for global car makers as well as component makers and technology companies.

- The paper says Credit Suisse is in talks with another bank about a cost-sharing project that could unlock new savings, as it seeks to refocus its business and offset rising industry costs.


- The Irish Independent leads with news that Irish scientists may have found a way of treating one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer UCD PhD student Naoise Synott carried out the research on the triple-negative form of the cancer with colleagues at St Vincent's University Hospital.

- The paper says rail bosses are developing a scaled-down version of the Dart Underground expansion project in an attempt to secure Government approval to allow construction work to begin in just over three years time. Shorter tunnels are among the options being considered to cut the €4.5 billion bill.


- The Irish Examiner reports on Road Safety Authority figures which show that more than 750,000 penalty point offences were detected in the first nine months of the year, with speeding accounting for 75 per cent of the cases.

- Irish Farmers Association president Joe Healy has urged the EU to provide support for mushroom producers who have been badly hit by the duration and extent of sterling's fall following the Brexit vote.

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