‘We do a lot of calls with babies on our shoulders. It’s part of the DNA of the firm’ – The Big Interview: Helen and Deirdre O’Neill, founders of Hertility Health

Twins Helen and Deirdre O’Neill set up Hertility Health in 2019 by combining their respective expertise as geneticist and lawyer, but already the company has thousands of customers who want to plan their reproductive future by taking an at-home blood test

Deirdre and Helen O’Neill, founders of Hertility: “We did have an investor on a pitch once ask us ‘where did you meet?’.” Picture by Daniel Lynch

In brief:

Name and role: Dr Helen O’Neill, founder and chief executive of Hertility Health, and Deirdre O’Neill, co-founder and chief commercial and legal officer

Live: London, but from Ovens in County Cork

Ages: 36

Family: Helen: My partner Patrick and our two-year-old daughter Ella Roux.

Deirdre: My husband Ben and and I have Saoirse, who is 19 months, and Aoife, who is six weeks old.

My working day:

Helen: As a lecturer and scientist ...