‘This is not a vendetta, it is our job’: the role of the Debenhams liquidators

The protests by former Debenhams workers have seen the stakes rise due to Garda intervention, while a liquidation of the British chain’s Irish operation has gathered pace. Kieran Wallace and Andrew O’Leary of KPMG say if a deal that worked for everybody could have been done, they would have made it happen

When Kieran Wallace and Andrew O’Leary of KPMG were appointed liquidators of the Irish arm of Debenhams, the ultimately doomed British department store, the pair expected the liquidation to be wrapped up in a few weeks.

The Irish business had 11 stores, nearly a thousand workers, and stock valued at £11 million or so. For two seasoned liquidators, it was a relatively straightforward job.

“I thought it would get resolved as we came out of the summer, to be honest,” O’Leary told the Business Post.