The Siteserv saga: How a multimillion euro deal was 'tainted by impropriety'

After seven long years, an IBRC report has laid bare the sleight of hand behind the controversial sale of building services firm Siteserv to tycoon Denis O’Brien. Its explosive findings point the finger squarely at co-founders Brian Harvey and Niall McFadden, with the strong likelihood of further repercussions

Denis O’Brien: the decision to sell Siteserv to the businessman came after a months-long process, where eight parties made formal bids for the company. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Sunday, March 4, 2012 was no ordinary Sunday for Brian Harvey, and it certainly wasn’t a day of rest. The then chief executive of Siteserv, the troubled building services firm that was mired in debt at the time, had a number of important engagements.

His first was a crucial meeting with the board of the firm, where it approved in principle the €44.3 million sale of the company to businessman Denis O’Brien. This decision to ...