The second coming of Moralltach: the man, the plan and the money

John Kieran Brennan is undeterred by allegations of impropriety and a failed attempt to float his company on the stock exchange. Instead, the former Wexford property developer turned business mogul says the best is yet to come

Bull and bear sculptures at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany. John Kieran Brennan hopes to float his property fund Moralltach there. Picture: Ralph Orlowski/Bloomberg

John Kieran Brennan believes in second chances. That’s why he called his property fund Moralltach, the name of a famous sword from Irish mythology which had the power to bring a warrior who had died in battle back to life.

It seemed apt, he said, since the purpose of the company is to free hundreds of people from crushing Celtic Tiger-era debts — thus giving them a new lease of life.

Brennan wants to float ...