The Big Interview: Kris Rudeegraap of Sendoso – ‘We invented the category of gifting software’

The chief executive and co-founder of gifting firm Sendoso is living the dream in San Rafael, California. The company, which was inspired by a barking dog, has its 50-strong EMEA headquarters in Dublin and is now valued at $700 million

Kris Rudeegraap, co-founder and chief executive of Sendoso: ‘We want to have hundreds of staff in Europe.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

It was a dog barking in the background of a phone call that gave Kris Rudeegraap the idea for Sendoso. Working in sales at the time for Talkdesk, a cloud software business, he heard it and quickly ordered a dog toy to send out to the customer he was on the phone with.

It was reactionary and helped show he was paying attention, but the now 36-year-old decided there had to be a better way ...