Monday June 1, 2020

The 6 woes of Christmas

Burglars are on the prowl for homes filled with festive goodies

8th November, 2016
Season of joy...and sorrow. Pic: Pixabay

More than one quarter of people living in the capital are living in fear of burglary this Christmas.

A Red C/Aviva Ireland survey also found that 43 per cent of respondents said having time in their own home is the most important thing to them during the festive season.

The research found the most vexing aspects of the festivities are:

- General stress and tension (34 per cent)

- Over-spending (40 per cent)

- Over-eating (30 per cent)

- Pipes freezing over (21 per cent)

- Power cut (21 per cent)

- Family arguments (21 per cent)

In the light of added burglary worries this season, the insurance giant is increasing the value of its policy contents cover by 10 per cent over the festive period.

But don't stress too much - here are some tips to stay safe this Christmas:

- Don’t leave Christmas gifts in potential view of burglars, keep them hidden away as long as possible

- Develop a safety check routine ensuring all windows and doors are locked before going out

- Check your home insurance policy to make sure your Christmas gifts are covered in the event of a burglary

- Don’t leave car keys in view of front door or windows

- Do not use social media to announce that you will be away for the holidays

- Securely lock away any garden tools or ladders so they cannot be used to break into your house. Use a heavy-duty padlock on your garden shed

- Advise Neighbourhood Watch if you’ll be away or alternatively inform a trusted neighbour

- If out shopping or socialising give the impression that someone is home by leaving a radio, TV or some lights on

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