Tangled web: How NBP has become a big winner for investors

As the number of homes connected to rural broadband falls far short of projections, the company set up to oversee the rollout is mired in debt, while investors rake in fees and interest

David McCourt and Peter Hendrick of NBI: the broadband plan has been beset by delays and setbacks. Picture: Julien Behal

By the time Richard Bruton, the former communications minister, appeared before TDs and senators to discuss the National Broadband Plan (NBP) as part of a final push for the project in May 2019 he’d been convinced of its merits.

“I assure members that when I took up this post, like members, I came in with a sceptical approach and a questioning mind,” Bruton told those in attendance at the Oireachtas communications committee.

“I can say, ...