Making it Work

Success drives staff support consultancy to seek €1.5m funding

Dublin-based start-up Platform55, which helps clients support employees dealing with family issues, had a 100 per cent renewal rate after its first year in business

Tracy Gunn and Michelle O'Keeffe, co-founders, Platform55: ‘Companies work with us because they want to avoid losing people . . . It supports companies with reducing attrition’

Platform55, a Dublin-based start-up, plans to expand its operations into Australia and Canada, having already picked up clients in Ireland, the US and Europe through its first two years of operation. The company plans to engage in a funding round of €1.5 million to aid that growth.

Platform55 helps organisations support employees on family-related issues, including pregnancy, surrogacy and returning to work. In addition to supporting employees, it helps managers to get a better understanding ...