Start-up guru Eamonn Carey: ‘What some people might think of as unsexy technology can have huge markets’

Tech investor Eamonn Carey’s move to join an Estonian venture capital firm makes sense given his belief in giving emerging start-ups help and mentoring

Eamonn Carey on joining Tera Ventures: ‘I want to work for a fund that is happy to be a lead investor.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Eamonn Carey’s latest career move can be used as a litmus test, of sorts. It will show very clearly who has been paying attention to Europe’s start-up scene, and who hasn’t.

Some people might wonder why an experienced tech investor and former managing director of TechStars, the much-lauded start-up accelerator, has joined a venture capital firm in the Baltic state of Estonia.

Those involved in start-ups, however, will recognise it as an exciting move for ...