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Splashing the cash: How we could spend our extra €65bn

With a record budget surplus filling the government coffers and more due in the years to come, largely from corporation tax receipts, we ask a selection of people from various walks of life how the spare cash could be best put to use

A bonanza of billions: An enormous amount of cash will build up over the next two years, and must be managed wisely. Picture: Getty

Ireland is awash with cash. About €65 billion over the next three years, to be exact.

In April, the government was briefed that the country is projected to record a budget surplus of €10 billion this year, and a further €16 billion next year. If the predicted surpluses between now and 2026 are added up, they would amount to a €65 billion bonanza for this government – and the next administration.

The build-up of this ...