Shadow dancing: Meet Marc Andreessen, the billionaire ‘shitposter’ who is central to Elon Musk’s Twitter bid

The mega-wealthy founder of Netscape is one of the so-called ‘shadow crew’ behind his friend Elon Musk’s ongoing attempt to take over the social media giant

Marc Andreessen: the billionaire tech investor is playing a central role in Elon Musk’s mooted takeover of Twitter. Illustration: Peter Hanan

Marc Andreessen, one of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley and significant backer of Elon Musk’s bid to take over Twitter, has a new hobby – shitposting., which Andreessen lauded on Wednesday as one of the most important websites on the internet, defines shitposters as people who “make utterly worthless and inane posts on an internet message board”.

This is not a new Silicon Valley fad. Andreessen has simply joined a large movement ...