Setting the record straight: Helen Dixon on fixing the DPC’s image problem

Its critics have claimed that the Data Protection Commission has too many shortcomings to carry out its duties effectively, but commission head Helen Dixon believes the criticism is misplaced and misinformed

Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner, does not accept a lot of the criticism directed at the office: ‘One hopes that there will be coverage of the data protection regulatory matters, as well as the political issues that are in play.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

After publishing an in-depth 121-page document detailing the Office of the Data Protection Commission’s activities over the last year, Helen Dixon spent much of the week doing media, though not necessarily talking about what she wanted to.

“I've done a couple of interviews where I have struggled to talk about the annual report that I'm launching,” Dixon told the Business Post in the Data Protection Commission (DPC) headquarters on Fitzwilliam Square.

“The entire conversation has ...