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Running out of credit: can Ulrich Körner steer Credit Suisse away from disaster?

Ulrich Körner, the chief executive of Credit Suisse has the unenviable task of rebuilding the reputation and clout of the embattled bank before its finances hit a brick wall

Ulrich Körner, chief executive of Credit Suisse: the banking giant’s share price has been on a steady slide for more than a year

In brief:

Name and role: Ulrich Körner, chief executive of Credit Suisse

Age: 59

Appearance: dapper, bespectacled, silver-haired, but perhaps a little frazzled lately

Newsworthiness: Körner is tasked with turning Credit Suisse, one of the biggest banks in the world, away from disaster

In depth:

Ulrich Körner looks every bit the caricature of a Swiss banker: silver-haired, expensively suited, every hair resolutely in place, giving every impression of possessing the professional discretion of his trade; ...