Roberta Metsola profile: just who is the new European Parliament president – and why does she think it needs to be more courageous?

The first Maltese person to become the European Parliament president and the first woman in 20 years, Metsola has ambitions to reform the body

Roberta Metsola: the Maltese politician has just been elected as the youngest-ever European Parliament President. Illustration: Peter Hanan

In brief:

Name: Roberta Metsola

Age: 43

Appearance: immaculately tailored

Newsworthiness: just elected as the youngest-ever European Parliament President, she is facing into a busy legislative period already

In depth:

With 705 elected MEPs making up the European Parliament, canvassing for votes when the presidency becomes vacant can be tough work. Yet that didn’t stop Roberta Metsola from spending time face to face with many colleagues in recent weeks, as the 43-year-old strolled to a ...