Rhetoric, tension and pressure but no revolt in coalition wrangle over farm emissions targets

Environment minister Eamon Ryan gave agriculture minister Charlie McConalogue a bowl of cherries from his garden, a gesture that may have helped to sweeten the atmosphere in the negotiations over reducing emissions in the agriculture sector

Charlie McConalogue, Minister for Agriculture, and Eamon Ryan, Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications: the coalition parties agreed a compromise deal over emission targets last Thursday after tense negotiations. Picture: RollingNews

Eamon Ryan chose a novel way to ease the tensions emerging in the talks about reducing carbon emissions from the agricultural sector: he went cherry-picking.

The Minister for the Environment and Green Party leader had a bowl of the fruit, freshly picked from a tree in his own garden, laid out for Charlie McConalogue, the Minister for Agriculture, at the start of their meeting in his office in Government Buildings.

That meeting, held more than ...