Reporting for the Kyiv Independent: ‘I’m just living day to day and trying my best to bring this news to the world’

With its Twitter following rising from 20,000 followers to 1.6 million in the space of a few weeks, reporters at the English-language Kyiv Independent are conscious of their responsibility to report accurately on the invasion

The nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia was attacked by Russian troops on Thursday

It was after 2am when Asami Terajima left the office of the Kyiv Independent on February 24, 2022. For days, the 21-year-old reporter had been pulling all-day shifts with her colleagues to keep on top of the rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which had been escalating dangerously and had left the countries on the brink of all-out warfare. She needed a few hours’ sleep, and ideally a hot meal.

Instead Terajima woke, a few ...