Remote control: How the pandemic has levelled the playing field for Irish firms

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar's recent trade mission to Britain, France and Germany was the first in -person mission undertaken by Enterprise Ireland since coronavirus hit. It is also the latest indication that Irish companies are experiencing an export-led recovery. But just how have they pulled it off in the age of Covid-19?

Andrea Reynolds, founder and chief executive of Swoop. During the Covid crisis the ‘business really came into its own’. Picture: Lorraine O’Sullivan

Liam Lynch was expecting clients to physically stare into the whites of his eyes before they handed over mountains of intellectual property and sensitive data to FleetOps, but the pandemic put a screen and a travel ban in the way.

Founded in 2018, FleetOps is a telematics trucking agency based out of Galway and predominantly focused on the North American market, where it has grown revenue by 300 per cent since the onset of the ...