Qatargate: Shock but no surprise for some as bribery scandal shakes European Parliament

Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, says more needs to be spent on anti-corruption efforts following a number of arrests and charges arising from alleged bribery and illicit lobbying activities on behalf of Qatari interests

Greek MEP Eva Kaili, one of 14 vice-presidents of the European Parliament, was arrested last Friday as part the current corruption investigation

Last weekend, after conducting raids at 19 different addresses across Brussels, federal police in Belgium released pictures of what they had seized.

Alongside computers and mobile phones were suitcases, boxes and bags stuffed with €1.5 million in euro notes, all seized as part of the investigation into Qatargate, one of the biggest corruption scandals to ever hit the European Parliament.

Police in Brussels and Italy launched the raids on the offices and residences of MEPs ...