Power down: Can Ireland’s businesses keep the lights on this winter?

The looming spectre of energy price hikes has raised fears that thousands of businesses could be forced to close their doors in the coming months – and the clamour for a guarantee of government support is getting louder

Chef JP McMahon,owner of Cava and the Michelin-starred Aniar restaurants in Galway: ‘You’re watching every light switch and gas switch’

There’s a picture of JP McMahon and his grandmother that he remembers fondly but, when viewed through adult eyes, underscores the scars that an economic ill wind can leave.

“It’s of me when I was younger sitting in the sitting room with a coat and a hat on. I remember my grandmother in the 1990s still wasn’t turning the heating on too much. I used to always think: ‘Why isn’t it on?’ And she’d just ...