Observers not betting on a good outcome for US gambling liberalisation

With sports betting legal in the US since 2018, there are winners such as FanDuel, the US arm of Irish betting giant Flutter. But there are fears that the lax regulatory environment could lead to addiction problems on the scale of the opioid crisis

A US Supreme Court decision in 2018 to legalise sports betting has upended the American authorities’ approach to gambling, and led to a succession of states moving to legislate for the practice

Fintan Drury had been held for quite a while by US security officials at Dublin Airport by the time the penny dropped and the reason for his detention became apparent.

Drury, the founder of the Platinum One sports agency, was busy outlining his business interests in response to the officials’ questions when one of them decided it was time to reveal the extent of the US government’s research into his affairs.

“’You’re the chairman of ...