Motoring: High-performance Golf GTI Clubsport is built to thrill

If the regular Golf GTI isn’t quite sporty enough for you, then how about the more driver-focused Clubsport model instead?

‘The Clubsport really comes into its own, when you take it on a deserted twisty country road or, ideally, on a track’

Fans of high-performance Volkswagen Golfs have never had it so good. The latest generation comes in GTD diesel format, as the plug-in hybrid GTE and as the range-topping Golf R with all-wheel drive. And in between them all is arguably the originator of the mass-market hot hatch, the evergreen Golf GTI.

In fact, there are several versions of the GTI on sale, too, from the entry-level 245hp model with a manual gearbox, priced from €46,080 ...