The Profile

Michael Burry, stock market sage extraordinaire

Hollywood blockbuster The Big Short detailed how the trading wizard Michael Burry predicted the great crash of 2008. Now he is prophesying an even greater tumble for the markets – and a possible revolution

Michael Burry is now regarded as one of the world’s great stock market gurus. Illustration: Peter Hanan

Name and role: Michael Burry

Age: 51

Appearance: tall, heavily built, intense

Newsworthiness: the man who predicted the 2008 financial crash is calling a new crisis – and it’s not just financial, he says

In depth:

Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy, but was cursed never to be believed. It takes a certain kind of person to name themselves, even jokingly, after the Greek priestess, but Michael Burry, who has given himself precisely that ...