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Marion McKeone: Republicans seeking revenge for Trump have Hunter Biden firmly in their sights

Apart from its obsession with the US president’s son, the real objective of the ‘Biden Family Investigation’ appears to be to flood Joe Biden’s administration with a deluge of harmful allegations, distract the president and sink any bid for a second term

Hunter Biden during the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2022: now sober, the president’s son has divested himself of all foreign business interests and paid all back taxes owed to the US tax authorities. PIcture: Getty

Forget George Santos. The next big thing on Capitol Hill is the House of Representatives select committee investigation into Hunter Biden, the president’s son, which is already under way with a slew of public hearings planned over the coming months.

The “Biden Family Investigation” will run parallel to the select sub-committee’s investigation into “the Weaponisation of the Federal Government”. That will be led by Jim Jordan, the firebrand Republican congressman from Ohio, who will also ...