Marion McKeone: Committee shines a light on Trump’s dark dealings on January 6

Little by little, the evidence has revealed that Donald Trump acted deliberately to provoke the attack on the Capitol, which put his vice-president and many others’ lives in serious danger

Liz Cheney (centre) of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol: her forensic questioning and masterful indictment of Trump was more devastatingly effective than anything Democrats on the committee could muster. Picture: Getty

As with many made-for-TV political thrillers, the January 6 select committee public hearings started as a slow burn and ended as a must watch cliffhanger that made a second season, or at least a few more episodes, inevitable.

Thursday night’s much anticipated prime time hearing didn’t disappoint. However, it did shock and disturb an audience that has long since become jaded by political drama. The fact that it took time to build to its devastating ...