Marion McKeone: Capitol offence? January 6 Committee determined to hold Trump to account

Committee members believe the January 6 report will ‘blow the roof off’ congress, but have the American public become too obsessed with fantastical conspiracies to be shocked by mere facts?

Trump supporters scaled the walls and overtake the U.S. Capitol and gained access inside the building during a massive protest on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C Getty

On Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern Standard Time (3pm Irish time) the January 6th Committee will hold the first of six scheduled public hearings into the insurrection at the US Capitol during which five people died and more than 150 law enforcement officials were injured.

In a billing akin to one that would precede a PBS Ken Burns documentary series, reporters received a notice announcing the committee would, over a two-week period, “present previously unseen ...