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Marion McKeone: American democracy on the brink, Biden reminds voters ahead of mid-terms

With hundreds of Republican candidates still believing the election was stolen, and the fear that the 2024 election results could be reversed by Republicans in swing states, the cliché that the ‘stakes have never been higher’ rings true this time

Joe Biden: the US president warned in a speech that ‘democracy is literally, not figuratively on the ballot this year’. Picture: Getty

It is entirely possible that in just nine days, America’s mid-term elections could mark the beginning of the end of free and fair elections in the United States and accelerate the erosion of its democratic institutions.

Ahead of the November 8 elections there have been ominous signs that America’s democracy is unravelling to a point where violence and intimidation is becoming an expected, if not accepted, part of its political landscape.

Every politician in every ...