Living with mica: ‘It’s bulls**t about this being a full 100% redress grant, it’s just insulting’

Owners of crumbling homes say they cannot afford the repairs on their unsafe, leaking properties — and the government’s redress scheme designed to end the mica crisis is instead prolonging the trauma

‘You buy a house, and you think that’s it.’ Sharon Moss at her mica-affected home in Letterkenny, Co Donegal. Picture: Joe Dunne

Sharon Moss hasn’t used her dishwasher in more than seven years – not since it started tripping the power in the house every time she turned it on.

Her son, who’s 18 and away at college, sleeps on a mattress in the living room when he comes home, avoiding his bedroom where the walls are a mosaic of hazardous black mould. In other rooms the walls are bare, covered in parts by loose and chipping ...