Land of ten thousand welcomes: Meet the Irish people taking in Ukrainian refugees

From Irish-based Ukrainians bringing their families to safety, to those of us moved by the horrors of the war impulsively reaching out a helping hand, more than 10,000 people here have so far opened their doors to those fleeing the conflict

Ukrainian child refugees with David Dunne and his daughter Jade in Swords. The parents and guardians of the children did not wish to be photographed. Picture: Bryan Meade

Two weeks ago, Jade Dunne watched in horror as Russian troops poured over the Ukrainian border. She watched as cities and airports were bombed, and terrified civilians fled to neighbouring countries. The two million-plus refugees created by the war include her pregnant stepsister and nephew, so even from Dublin the war has felt personal. There was little she could do as Kristina and eight-year-old Artem left home and walked for miles without food or water, ...