‘Ireland could be the Qatar of Europe for eco-friendly aviation fuel’

Andrew Turner, a former high-ranking RAF officer, now works with Zero Petroleum, a UK company that believes it can halt the damage being done to the climate by air travel – and totally change an industry known for its exceptionally high carbon emissions

Andrew Turner, strategy advisor to Zero Petroleum: ‘The idea would be we would put a facility in Ireland, draw on Irish capital, develop Irish skills, and build an Irish workforce.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

British Air Marshal Andrew Turner had a big aim when he spoke at the the Dublin Airline Economics conference last week: to jolt an entire industry awake.

“We are doing nowhere near enough to make a dent in the challenge that the industry places on the planet,” Turner, the former chief operating officer of the Royal Air Force (RAF), told attendees in a keynote speech at the conference.

He pointed to figures showing that if ...