In Liz they Truss: Britain’s next PM unlikely to be a protocol peacemaker

Liz Truss is the overwhelming favourite to defeat Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership race tomorrow and become British prime minister. But what will her premiership mean for the Northern Ireland protocol, and for this island in general?

Liz Truss, expected to become the next British PM: experts who have been watching the Conservative Party leadership contest are very pessimistic about the prospects of Truss becoming a protocol peacemaker

Three years ago, Liz Truss suggested that British TV shows were paving the way for a trade deal with the US. “The Americans are lapping up Love Island and Downton Abbey, so there is huge enthusiasm for doing a deal with Britain,” she said in an interview with Talk TV in 2019.

The comment has emerged again as the 47-year-old is running for leader of the Tory party. It and other so-called Trussisms have not ...