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‘I’m doing this 26 years and I’ve never seen anything like it’: Laid-off tech staff hunt for new work

Hundreds of workers are having to search for employment following a week of swingeing job cuts at Twitter, Meta and Stripe. Industry figures say that despite the doom and gloom, the jobs market is still strong in Ireland – for now, at least

Twitter announced job cuts worldwide last week with up 250 jobs in Ireland on the block. Picture: RollingNews.ie

The LinkedIn posts started a little after 12pm on Wednesday, and they didn’t stop.

“I’m among those impacted by the layoffs,” went the most common refrain. “I’m now looking for work.”

It’s less than 72 hours since Mark Zuckerberg announced 11,000 job cuts at Meta, the social media giant that employs more than 3,000 in Ireland. At Twitter, meanwhile, up to 250 jobs are reportedly on the block as of this week, while up to ...