war in ukraine

‘How dare you celebrate when Russia is doing this to my country?’ – The contentious plans to mark Victory Day in Ireland

Ukrainians living in Ireland feel that the annual commemoration of Russia’s day of remembrance is offensive this year, given the ongoing war on Ukraine. Some Russians, and others from former Soviet republics, say it is about remembering sacrifices made long ago

Military vehicles in Red Square in Moscow: Victory Day is an annual day of commemoration of the pivotal role of Soviet forces in defeating Nazism in World War II. Picture: Getty

When they leave their homes on Sunday morning, Nick Kozlov and Gulnara Gaipova will set off in very different directions.

Gaipova, a Kazakhstani native, will make for an unremarkable petrol station off the M6, driving in the direction of Co Meath for an event organised by a Russian community group to commemorate the USSR’s pivotal role in defeating Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

On the eve of Victory Day, as it is known ...