How Biden’s jettisoned green agenda left him in the worst of all worlds

Most Americans are blaming the US President’s green energy policies for the soaring energy prices, while progressives are furious that he has not used the soaring cost of fossil fuels to phase out oil and gas production

Joe Biden: there is a perception in the US that the president’s energy policies, rather than Putin’s aggression, are to blame for inflation and soaring prices at the pump. Picture: Getty

“A free and independent Ukraine, a weakened and isolated Russia and a more united and more determined West.”

Last week it looked as though the Biden administration’s Eastern Europe endgame, as spelt out by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, was making progress towards realising these interconnected goals.

The sinking of the Moskva missile cruiser, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, was a bitter blow to Vladimir Putin even as the US and Western allies ...